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Development of Web Sites

Development of Web Sites

Think of the website as your company's business card, as well as an online store for customers who cannot come to your office or store. We make this store functional and interesting for your customers.

Lumusoft - Development of Web Sites

At Lumusoft, we develop private and unique websites for corporate companies. With designs that reflect the brand identity and goals of the companies, our sites emphasize the personality and uniqueness of our customers. In the projects we work on, we use the latest and most effective technologies, which ensures fast loading and mobile compatibility of our sites.

Custom designed websites for startup projects are also part of our expertise. These sites optimally represent the innovative practices and goals of startups. We help startups succeed on the Internet using project-friendly and cost-effective technologies.

Development of e-commerce sites is one of our main areas. We help our clients build online sales platforms and offer powerful e-commerce platforms to deliver their products to a wide audience. These sites allow our customers to provide a cost-effective and modern e-commerce experience.

Our services include SEO. Our sites are developed according to SEO principles and help to appear in a high position on Google. We also offer additional services such as mobile-friendly and responsive design, working email systems and Google registration.

As a certified company like Lumusoft, working with us you can ensure your websites are fast, functional and successful. Contact us and find out how we can help you increase your success on the Internet.


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